The world’s largest collection of custom-made museum display cases

The different combinations in terms of class, shape, size and opening systems and mechanisms makes for more than 150,000 different display cases. The catalogue Display Cases Classes & Types is a collection of components and solutions that allows one to create his very own custom-made museum.

The Classes & Types range is made up of island cases and wall cases in vertical or horizontal versions, fitted with climate control if requested, lighting, multiple security features, and a wide variety of interior fittings.

Classes & Types comes up with solutions that meet the needs of museum design professionals while fully respecting the limitations posed by security risks and preventative conservation. These pieces are tools suited to any type of museum layout in any architectural context.

In fact, Goppion's display cases can be modified to represent different styles. The basic structural elements can be fitted and finished to perfectly integrate with the proposed design. The interior fittings are modular and versatile so as to meet every need of the museum.

The Classes & Types is a dynamic system destined to evolve as progress is made in research and innovation thanks to the input of product designers and exhibit designers.