"Il Velino" - MOA

January 2010

Canada. Italian cases for the Museum of Anthropology of Vancouver – Rome, 14th January (“Il Velino”). There’s an Italian hand being given to the Museum of Anthropology of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, in Canada, that will be opening its doors next weekend. Important objects bearing testimony to the civilisations of the Native Americans, alongside precious collections of objects coming from all over the world that will be visible again from January 23rd onwards, shortly before the inauguration of the XXI Winter Olympic Games beginning on the 12th of the same month. The designers of the extension to the museum (with a cost of 55.5 million dollars) are the Canadian studio Stantec in collaboration with Arthur Eickson. The design team has doubled the surface space of the museum whilst succeeding in respecting the original post-modern 1976 structure of the building. The glass cases have been made by Goppion from Trezzano sul Naviglio in Milan, a company whose “curriculum” boasts the creation of the barrier that protects the Mona Lisa by Leonardo at the Louvre. The project’s 79 cases, many of which being “interactive” thanks to 560 automatically controlled drawers possessing special devices for preventive conservation, have already been installed. The glass cases, hyper-technological, are equipped with a highly accurate micro-climate control system in order to guarantee the most perfect levels of conservation for the objects on display (ceremonial masks, totems, canoes and ornamental paddles, textiles and utensils for everyday use) mostly made up of organic materials like leather, vegetable fibres and wood. Classical themes of indigenous art will be portrayed on the Olympic medals and official mascots.