The opening of Musée des Ecritures du Monde

September 2007

After an important renovation and extension program of the historical building, the Musée des Ecritures dui Monde will open on September, the 22th. Part of the recuperated building is the native house of Jean François Champollion, the first Egyptologist who deciphered the Stele di Rosetta hieroglyphics. 

The restoration project was entrusted to Moatti-Rivière architects, from Paris, with the collaboration of the designer Pascal Payeur and the graphic Pierre Di Sciullo.

The main theme of all the concept is the colour choice, that join the ceiling, the floor and the walls of the rooms, and the same colour is again proposed on the graphic symbols, printed with serigraphy on the glass walls.

These glass walls have different roles: they let transpire the rough wall, they protect the exposed objects, they support the graphic that guide the visitors, they’re used as screen for back lighting images and they reflect the light to enlarge the spaces. They’re fixed to the floor and to the ceiling, and they have an hinged opening system.

Others elements made by Goppion are the vertical island cases and tables cases.

copyright: Luc Boegly