The opening of Musée des Ecritures du Monde

September 2007

After an important renovation and extension program of the historical building, the Musée des Ecritures dui Monde will open on September, the 22th. Part of the recuperated building is the native house of Jean François Champollion, the first Egyptologist who deciphered the Stele(…)


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (Missouri), U.S.A.

May 2007

With a great opening ceremony, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art of Kansas City is inaugurating on the 1st of June the Bloch Building, a new outbuilding of the Museum designed by the newyorker architect Steven Holl. A great, slander structure that joins the pre-existing neoclassical building and(…)


FX International Interior Design Awards 2006

April 2007

Thanks to the Ardabil Carpet display case, designed for the Jameel Gallery at Victoria & Albert Museum of London, Laboratorio museotecnico Goppion and Softroom received the FX International Interior Design Awards 2006 for the category Commercial Fixture, Fitting or Accessory. The prize is(…)