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  • 2010-2018

Musée Tomi Ungerer

Strasburgo, France


The museum opened in November 2007 at the Greiner Villa, a house dating to the end of the 19th century located within an exceptional architectural environment in the historical heart of Strasbourg. The museum, is dedicated to Tomi Ungerer, the renowned artist and illustrator from Strasbourg. The museum offers a monographic look of the artist’s works with a display of paper works that have been donated to his native town, detailing 35 years of prolific activity. These works range from children’s books to satirical drawings, posters, commercial art and some sculptures. The museum also hosts works by other 20th-century illustrators and artists. The collection contains 8,000 original designs that are displayed on a rotating basis.

Restoration: Emmanuel Combarel, Paris

Exhibition design: Roberto Ostinelli, Paris

The challenge

The designer conceived the display cases as "glass bubbles" that would, by their transparency, provide an unimpeded view of the artwork while, simultaneously, protecting the fragile works on paper from degradation.

The solution

Goppion helped realize the full concept. We delivered the requested ‘bubble’ cases, a superior display solution, and the flexibility necessary to change out the pieces several times a year.

Project data

Exhibition area: 1,500 m2; exhibition units: 47; length of the exhibit fronts: 100 m