• Europe
  • France
  • Museums of decorative arts, craft, design
  • 2010-2018

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, de la Faiënce et de la Mode

Marseille, France


The new Musée des Arts Décoratifs, de la Faiënce et de la Mode, inaugurated during the year of Marseille as one of the European Capitals of Culture, is housed in the 18th-century Chateau Borely, which was the sumptuous country home of a family that became wealthy doing business with the Orient. Notable for its location between the sea and the hills, the austere elegance of its facade and the quality of its interiors, this most beautiful of country homes today has been completely restored for visitors.

Dedicated to “art de vivre” in Provence, the museum displays more than 2,500 items, which are varied in terms of type and origin. These pieces include pottery, glass, tapestries, works of art, rare exotic objects and fashion and accessories collections from the 18th century to today. The path of the exhibition takes one through the splendid rooms of the castle, some of which are theme rooms and period rooms still furnished with original furnishings and wallpaper. Contemporary works realized for the occasion adorn the large vestibule and blend in harmoniously with the exhibition layout.

Building design: Moatti-Rivere, Paris

Exhibition design: ScenOs Associes, Paris

The challenge

Goppion created all of the display elements for the museum, transforming the project into a reality. The company created display cases that bring form and substance to the formal choices of the designers and simultaneously guarantee the best conditions for preventative conservation of the works and the best functionality for the museum’s staff.

The solution

The display cases that we engineered and created, many of which are embedded in niches or period furnishings, stand out for their widespread use of methacrylate instead of glass. This allowed us to create sinuous semi-spherical shapes, to use liquid paints in many bright colors, to create metallic effects and offer spectacular suggestive effects obtained via the knowing use of LED and fiber-optic lighting.

Photo credit: Scénos-Associés