Patrizia Venturini

Patrizia Venturini

Patrizia Venturini is the Director and Coordinator of Goppion spa’s museum exhibition projects and the Quality-Control Manager.

She has been with Goppion since the beginning and boasts 20 years of experience in realizing museum installations.

She is in charge of coordinating strategic operations and managing complex projects.

Venturini has worked on some of our most important projects, including the Département des Arts de l’Islam at the Louvre, the Institut du Monde Arabe museum, the Musée de l’Armée, the MFA in Boston, the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo and the Shaanxi History Museum in Xian.

Her great experience and vast knowledge of international procedures allow her to find the best solutions to technical, legal and management issues.

Venturini is an ICOM member.