Andrea Sartori

Sartori has a degree in the classics from the Università degli Studi di Milano and a specialized diploma in archeology. 

He worked for ten years at Milan’s Museo Archeologico as a curator of the classical archeology section.

He joined the Laboratorio Museotecnico team in 2002 and today he’s the head of sales and marketing. He also works in close contact with Alessandro Goppion coordinating special projects and managing relationships with museums and universities.

Sartori is in charge of seeking out new international markets and has gone on missions to China, Japan, the Middle East and Brazil.

He has overseen all of the Italian projects over the last 11 years and also worked on the installation of the Tang Dynasty Mural Painting Hall at the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi’an.

He was the project leader for coming up with the master plan for the renovation of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

He is in charge of the copy for Goppion’s catalogues.

Sartori is an ICOM member.