A competitive “Made in Italy” model

A competitive “Made in Italy” model

Goppion is at the center of a network of designers and specialized workshops. This model allows for continuous flexibility, speed and innovation. This is why our display cases offer the highest quality but are competitive on the market as well.

The Goppion network

Goppion is headquartered in a strategic area that allows the company to rely on the “Italian-district” economic model. Here there is a concentration of small and mid-sized businesses that are highly specialized and work in complementary industries. This location allows the company to create an organization made up of qualified collaborators that serve as suppliers for specific parts of each project.

These are design studios (“co-designers”) and workshops (“co-makers”) involved in driving manufacturing sectors and with more resources to invest in research and experimentation.

Thus, Goppion can make use of the results of the most advanced technologies worldwide and be continuously innovative.

The flexibility of this type of organizational structure allows the company to further keep costs down, making for a competitive final product.

Central unit

Goppion is the central unit and heart of the manufacturing structure.

The engineering design processes are carried out here and we also identify and coordinate the most qualified suppliers for each project from the central unit.  Other activities that take place here include:

  • Prototyping.  There is a special area just for creating the prototypes. Here entire prototypes of the structures can be created or specific parts (doors, shelving, label holders). There’s also a special area for experimenting with lighting.
  • Preassembly. This is the phase in which the features of the display cases are checked. The assembly teams that will eventually go install the showcases on site are formed.
  • Testing. Testing is carried out on the prototypes, the first pieces in a series and the display cases ready to be shipped, especially if they have particularly complex kinematics. Often it’s the client asked to carry out these tests in order to be able to see the results for himself.

In the central unit, we also carry out seal and internal convective-flow tests.

Manufacturing network

Our network of “co-designers” and “co-makers” can be found across the north-central part of the country. It includes 200 specialized professionals in the fields of mechanical, electrical and plant-design engineering as well as experts in mechanical fabrication, precision mechanics, woodworking, glassworks, lighting and climate control.