Display Case Techniques for Museum Exhibition and Installation Design Solutions – Goppion

Always on the cutting edge of innovation

The vitality of a company can be seen in its ability to innovate. From its first project with the Museo degli Strumenti Musicali in Milan in 1956, the company has been focused on innovation. After that first experience, Goppion has never stopped studying ever better solutions for museum installations, allowing it to offer new mechanisms and new functionalities.

The Laboratorio Museotecnico

Research is an important strategic element in a company’s development. Goppion invests substantial human and economic resources (more than 3 percent of the company’s profits) in research. Goppion’s

Laboratorio Museotecnico is the company’s Center for Study and Research and is the driving force behind a continuous process of research, experimentation and innovation that includes product design, efficiency, functionality, materials and technologies. In doing this, it has taken original steps to better the functionality, quality and reliability of its display cases, to develop new products and to improve manufacturing techniques.

The Laboratorio operates as a true workshop with encounters and cultural experiences. All of this is enriched by collaborating with the most important international research institutions working in the fields of conservation and museum exhibitions.


Goppion’s creativity and ingenuity can be seen in the important innovations made to its display cases over the years. These innovations have led to specific patents.

1950 Display case made up of crystal plates and metallic tie rod with flexible feet

1952 Display case that can be disassembled, with various levels and special fasteners

1954 Display case in transparent material with adjustable shelves

1954 Display case with movable shelves

1956 Display case with two valves and screw-based opening system

1969 Framework for displaying various objects made up of elements that can be positioned bilaterally against supports

1973 Display case for exhibiting various objects, with angle joints for continuous glass-shelf supports

1974 Talking display case with means of presenting a series of images

1974 Device for displaying small objects

1978 Structure with joint element for display cases

1982 Display case with controlled microclimate

1988 Display case with sliding door

1988 Sealed display case

1989 Extruded metal component for producing closed mesh structures

1992 Modular display case

1993 Bomb-proof display case

1994 Island glass case with horizontal slide mechanism

1995 Glass case with pantograph lift mechanism

1996 Automatic distributor

1996 Glass case with diagonal opening

1997 Display case for showing objects of art collections and similar items

1999 Opening with rectangular hinge

1999 Display case with sliding door

2002 Sealed display case

2002 Sealed display case for paintings and similar objects

2004 Display case with lift mechanism and single screw in the center

2004 Gasket with magnetic compression

2004 Joint system for panels

2006 Climate control for display cases/p>

2006 Display case for displaying and protecting a work of limited thickness

2007 Closure device for doors

2007 Lighting device improved for display case and display case including that device

2007 Openable door for large display case

2008 Milling of glass plates to contain magnetic gaskets

2008 Climate control of display case

2009 Mechanical actuator for opening vertical display cases

2009 Case for displaying and protecting with rationalized structure

2010 Airtight container for conserving delicate objects

2011 Display case with door that can be opened to take out objects. Operated with pantograph mechanism, manual and motorized.

2011 Table display case with hood opened by means of lifting mechanism composed of pantograph with stabilizing arms

2013 Support to offer anti-earthquake protection

2013 Display case with support for opening with limited visibility

2013 Display case with elastomeric seal made on site

2013 Display case with differentiated climatic zones

2013 Multipurpose, oil-hydraulic power box

2013 Display case with reinforced structure

2013 Display case for exhibiting objects