We work alongside museums

We work alongside museums

For each situation and project, we follow our philosophy of creating a well-balanced working group made up of professionals able to meet the needs of the client and to work along with the museum personnel or designer involved.

A collaborative approach

Listening to the client is the guiding principle of the Goppion method. The development of each project follows a collaborative and methodological approach, during which the designer and builder work together to come up with a product. This is done in close collaboration with the museum behind the project.

Trying again and again

The company’s headquarters is the place where museum clients and their exhibit designers converge to work together actively in finding the ideal solutions for best building the products. Here we all sit down at a table to go over the various options, discussing them in-depth and experimenting with them.

Goppion’s technicians come to an agreement on the definition of functional choices. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is tried again and again until all parties involved in the project are satisfied.

Specialized teams to serve the client

To maintain a dialogue with clients and to best meet their needs, Goppion is organized in working groups created especially for each project (an adhocratic model). Because we are organized around our commissioned projects, this allows us to be adaptable, flexible and dynamic, which are indispensable characteristics for working with museums where the specific nature of each institution determines the particularities of each project and where the exploration of innovative solutions is often necessary.